Vibration Mitigation Engineering

Compusoft Engineering has expertise and experience in the measurement, analysis and solution of vibration problems.

Vibration mitigation engineering applications include;


Vibration Monitoring & Mitigation Solutions

We can facilitate in vibration monitoring throughout the structural and building services sectors.

Compusoft Engineering specialise in custom design of mechanical and civil vibration mitigation solutions. Solutions include isolation of vibrating machinery to enhance performance and protect equipment, and the installation of base isolators and dampers to new and existing structures increasing occupant safety and comfort levels.


System Identification

System identification is a technique used to determine a structures in-situ 'as-built' properties for the purpose of retrofitting, re-modelling or extending. It is useful in determining a more refined solution to retrofit, extension or vibration problems associated with old technologies and structures.


Modal Response Spectrum Development

A response spectrum is a laboratory plot of the peak of a series of oscillators of varying natural frequency, that are forced into motion by the same vibration or shock. Compusoft Engineering's research background has provided experience in the development of response spectra to determine the response of structures under loading such as earthquake, wind and explosion induced forces.