Structural Design

CEL provides structural engineering design services for the commercial, civil and industrial development sectors. Our structural design capabilities include;


Multi Storey Design

Multi-storey design services range from concept design to construction supervision and certification stage.

Analysis services include gravity, wind and earthquake derived forces and deflections, serviceability wind induced accelerations (from data developed by wind engineers), damage and serviceability resulting from terrorist action and forces and deflections caused by construction sequences.

CEL also offers specialist design of isolation and damping systems to help mitigate damage and serviceability vibrations from earthquake ground motions and wind induced vibrations.


Special Structures

CEL provides engineering design and guidance services for the design and retrofit of special structures with often complex design components. Such structures include tanks, dams, bridges, industrial plant, pipes and wind turbines.


Retrofit Strengthening

Retrofit strengthening is the process of strengthening older buildings or structures to ensure safety and comfort under a change of use or to meet current building code requirements. CEL has extensive experience in retrofit strengthening ranging from concept design to building certification..