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CTV Building, Forensic Seismic Analysis, Christchurch, NZ

The Canterbury Television (CTV) Building collapsed during the Lyttelton Earthquake in February 2011 tragically taking the lives of 115 people.

Compusoft Engineering Ltd. (CEL) was responsible for the Inelastic Time History Analyses used as part of the forensic investigation into the collapse. Results were used to determine trends in building behaviour, the likely failure hierarchy, and to investigate the effects of cumulative damage resulting from sequential earthquakes.


IBIS Hotel Earthquake Damage Assessment, Christchurch, NZ

The Ibis Hotel suffered minor to moderate damage during the Canterbury earthquake sequence ongoing since 2010.

Post-earthquake inspections of the building revealed the presence of lap splices in potential plastic hinge regions of beams that were not in accordance with the original structural drawings and which did not comply with New Zealand Standards.

Compusoft Engineering Ltd. (CEL) was engaged to determine through the use of an inelastic time history analysis whether the Ibis Hotel building could achieve 67%NBS (or greater) with the performance of the lap splices considered.

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Mangatangi Dam Spillway Shaft Seismic Assessment, Kaiaua, Franklin, NZ

Compusoft Engineering Ltd. (CEL) was engaged by Damwatch Services Ltd. (DSL) to undertake a detailed seismic assessment of the Mangatangi Dam spillway shaft.

The assessment was a continuation of a previous study that had shown that the spillway shaft was likely to exhibit inelastic behaviour when subjected to ground motions corresponding to return periods of 2,500 years and 10,000 years for the site.